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Exit Depression is a self-help program for people suffering from depression. It’s under development, but will eventually contain at least 15 videos, instructing you in a variety of techniques you can employ to beat the illness.

Read this introductory post before you start watching the videos. I recommend watching the videos and following the instructions and recommendations therein, at a rate of one per week.

This is a short introductory video about how you can overcome depression.

This is an introduction to Exit Depression.

Exit Depression 01 is about the power of beliefs, and how you can change them.

Exit Depression 02 is about how a healthy diet is a fundament for a healthy mind.

Exit Depression 03 is about how you can mitigate depression by way of exercise and activity.

In Exit Depression 04 I talk about how you can become more aware of which activities and people uplift you, and those that have the negative effect.

Kristian Hall

Kristian Hall


Kristian Hall suffered through 11 years of depression as a teenager and student. He was able to overcome the illness by way of cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology. You will find the techniques he used in the book Rise from Darkness.

Kristian is on a mission to help as many as possible to overcome depression. On this blog, you will find tips and techniques you can follow on your own path out of the illness.